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We firmly believe in quality control systems. We also take care of health and safety of our workers.
The main objective and target of our concern is to ever maintain specified and standard quality of our products as per buyer’s specifications and to achieve this target, we exercise rigid and strict quality control at all stages of initial purchase and manufacturing. We always ensure that all the parameters of the specification are achieved of the end product. At every stage of manufacturing, our experienced technical people do ensure that the desired standard of the quality is achieved. To achieve this Bansal Spinning have the following latest testing equipments in their lab:-

  • Fibre Fineness Tester – OFDA 100
  • Wira Fibre Fineness Meter – AIRLOW
  • KDG Flow Meter – AIRLOW
  • Fibre Length Tester – AL-Meter- AL.100. FL-100 (PEYER)
  • Fibre Visual Tester
  • Projection Microscope
  • Rapid Oil Extractor
  • Socklet Oil Extraction
  • Wrap Reel – UK
  • Wrap Reel – TECHNO
  • Electronic Twist Tester – ZEWIGLE
  • Electronic Twist Tester – TECHNO
  • Uneveness Tester – USTER UT3
  • Yarn Strength Tester With Autocreel – USTER TENSO RAPID 3
  • Yarn Strength ARN Strength Tester – ELECTRONIC – KMI
  • Splice Strength Tester – MESDAN SPLICE SCANNER
  • Yarn Appearance Board Machine
  • Digital Balance (JAPAN)
  • Digital Moisture Testing Over
  • Stroborcopre, Techometer
  • Shore Hardness Tester
  • GSM Tester
  • Fabric Strength Tester (Electronic KMI)
  • Pilling Tester – PARAMOUNT
  • Rubbing Fastness – CROCK METER
  • WR Tester (Water repellency tester) – BUNDSMAN
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